Dental Bridges in Las Vegas

Bridge the Gap in Your Smile

Gaps affect the appearance of your smile and the function of your teeth and also pose a risk to your oral health. If you are missing a tooth, then chewing, smiling, and speaking might be more difficult than normal. Missing teeth increase the chances of developing periodontal disease or tooth decay. The prognosis is clear: you should replace the missing tooth as quickly as possible with a quality dental restoration.

Desert Breeze Dental offers a few options for replacing missing teeth, and dental bridges are a popular choice. Bridges will realign an altered bite, restore normal chewing ability, and prevent other oral health problems in addition to improving the aesthetics of your smile.

The Design and Placement Process

There are several bridge designs to choose from, and Desert Breeze Dental will help you select the bridge that is right for your specific needs. We work with a dental laboratory that crafts quality restorations from strong, durable materials. Your bridge will be custom-matched to your existing teeth for seamless results.

A traditional dental bridge consists of an artificial tooth supported on either side by a dental crown. The crowns fit over the teeth adjacent to the gap, and the artificial tooth bridges the gap. A cantilever dental bridge, which consists of two crowns side-by-side and an artificial tooth, is used when there are teeth on only one side of the gap. A “Maryland” (resin-bonded) bridge consists of an artificial tooth fused to metal bands; the artificial tooth fits into the gap and the metal bands are attached to the backsides of the teeth on either side of the gap.

Depending on the chosen bridge, we may need to slightly modify the teeth surrounding the gap. We will position the bridgework and bond it into place with a strong adhesive. Any last-minute adjustments for fit or comfort will be made.

We Understand the Struggles of Missing Teeth

At Desert Breeze Dental, we understand that gaps are an eyesore and an inconvenience. We know that you may feel embarrassed about your smile and may even have problems enjoying your favorite foods because of your teeth. You don’t need to waste another day feeling ashamed or uncomfortable — we can bridge the gap quickly and safely so you can begin to enjoy a full smile.

When you come to Desert Breeze Dental, you are in the care of an excellent cosmetic and restorative dentist. Before going into private practice, Paul VreNon DDS, MAGD, AAACD completed extensive training in all areas of dentistry. Over the years, he has fine-tuned his skills and received recognition as Master of the Academy of General Dentistry. He has also earned the position of clinical instructor at the Kois Center, indicating his high level of expertise.

Dr. VreNon believes that function is as important as appearance. Your new dental bridge will be durable and beautiful, and it will last for many years with the proper care. Our team will share tips for maximizing your new restoration and avoiding any problems.

To learn more about how dental bridges can close the gap in your smile, contact Desert Breeze Dental. A member of our team would be happy to schedule an appointment for you to meet Dr. VreNon and discuss your options. Call us today at (702) 869-0032.