Teeth Whitening in Las Vegas

A Luminous Smile You Can Be Proud Of

The beauty of your smile is directly correlated to the color of your teeth. If you want whiter, brighter teeth that sparkle, an in-office teeth whitening is your best option. Desert Breeze Dental is the go-to practice for people seeking professional teeth bleaching in a safe and controlled environment.

Teeth whitening is one of our most popular procedures. We marvel at the before-and-after transformation of our teeth whitening patients. Many of them don’t realize just how much the color of their teeth can improve after one visit.

Why Professional Treatment Is Superior to Take-Home Options

With so many at-home whitening options, it’s reasonable to wonder about the advantages of in-office professional whitening. We believe that there are several benefits. Safety is first. During your teeth whitening session, Paul VreNon DDS, MAGD, AAACD will be able to control the concentration of the bleaching agent for optimal results. Our team can monitor you to ensure a safe and pain-free experience.

In-office whitening is a great option if you have chronic or occasional tooth sensitivity. We have techniques that we can employ to work around tooth sensitivity and deliver exceptional results.

Don’t underestimate the convenience of in-office whitening. You will see results almost immediately after one quick appointment, and you won’t have to worry about applying strips or gel to your teeth every night for weeks. In-office whitening is virtually unrivaled in terms of how fast the desired results are achieved.

More about Teeth Whitening Treatment

In-office treatment can lift stains and discoloration caused by the consumption of certain foods and beverages, tobacco use, and the effects of aging. Teeth that have darkened due to trauma are not as responsive to whitening treatment; in those cases, we may suggest a better alternative (such as porcelain veneers).

During your whitening appointment, we will place a protective shield on your gums to prevent the bleaching agent from touching them. We will apply the bleaching agent to the teeth and let it sit for approximately 15 minutes. Depending on the whitening system we choose to use in your case, we may use a special light to activate the ingredients in the bleaching agent. Then, we will remove the whitening product. We may repeat the entire process two to three times. During this process, you can watch TV or just simply relax. After the final round has been completed, we will measure the change in tooth color.

Established Expertise in Cosmetic Dentistry

You shouldn’t trust your smile to anyone but the best. Paul VreNon DDS, MAGD, AAACD is a member of the prestigious American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and a clinical instructor at the Kois Center. Both of these positions validate his expertise in cosmetic dentistry.

Let Dr. VreNon show you how beautiful your teeth can be. To speak with us about in-office professional teeth whitening and what it can do for your smile, please call (702) 869-0032 today. A member of our team would be happy to answer your questions or schedule an appointment for you to meet Dr. VreNon.