Patient Testimonials

Dear Dr. VreNon and Team,

Thank you for taking care of my teeth! Every person on staff is genuinely friendly and caring! You ALL make me smile. Thanks to all of you!

Kate Miller

Dear Dr. VreNon and Team,

Thanks for taking the time to adjust my tooth. It was a pleasure meeting you and learning of your background.

Bob Miller

Dear Dr. VreNon:

I just had to personally thank you for all of the kindness and generosity that you have shown my son, Jordan, as well as your excellent work as evidenced by your previous work from a few years ago. After practicing for over 32 years, I find it harder and harder to find ethical professionals in our field with high standards. You embody them both and I just want to thank you for all that you are doing to accommodate him and to insure that he gets the best possible treatment, including the repair work needed.

My wife and I were so appalled with the recent “work” done on Jordan and concerned about how best to resolve the situation. Jordan called us immediately after seeing you and was so relieved to know he was in good hands with someone who is very professional and one that he can trust. He was overwhelmed with your generosity and willingness to help him “fix” everything without having to go back to the original dentist. Doreen and I are also more than relieved and extremely grateful for all of your help.

With much gratitute,
Carlton Shiraki, D.D.S.
USC, Orthodontics ’83